Drapes can be color coordinated with cubicle curtain materials when desired. Our manufacturing includes 5 standard designs in any custom size.

Box Drapery–Dramatic With Deep Folds

Featuring hand-pressed grommets available in 5 designer finishes. Perfect for stylish, modern interiors. Primarily a decorative style.

Pinch Pleat Drapery–The Gold Standard

Each pleat is “pinched” 4” down from the top to create this classic look. A stiffener is sewn into each pleat to ensure proper functionality.

Cubicle Drapery–Sleek & Incredibly Versatile

Custom made with small grommets that couple with hook carriers. Draperies glide easily along an included track and lay nearly flat while closed.

Flush Mount Drapery–Modern Elegance

This simple design uses special track and Velcro fasteners to provide a seamless look.

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