Our Disposable Solution

Applied with a simple snap, any existing privacy curtain with a mesh header can be fitted with a designated handhold area that can be easily removed and replaced after each discharge or according to a managed schedule.

HAI Improvements

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The Disposable Hand Shield™ is a temporary solution designed to…

  • Snap onto the header of most curtains and cover the grab area of the curtain.
  • Be replaced on a fixed schedule or after each patient to eliminate the spread of germs.
  • Encourage the use of a designated hand-safe zone to reduce the potential for cross-contamination.
  • Enable quick attachment and removal based on your established protocols.
  • Be used in high volume areas such as the emergency room.

Patent Number US7,989,046

Construction Details


The Disposable Hand Shield™ PAT US 7,989,046 is a patented solution that snaps onto the mesh of existing privacy curtains to enable quick attachment and removal.  HAIGuard™ custom manufactures the Disposable Hand Shield™ PAT US 7,989,046. Upon request, dimensions, and materials may be changed. The following is our standard configuration.

Composition–100% Polypropylene

• Meets NFPA 701 requirements.
• Reversible for use on either end of the curtain.
• Wraps completely around the leading edge for protection on both sides.

General Use

General Use

The Disposable Hand Shield™ PAT US 7,989,046 is made for use on existing privacy curtains and snaps into place on the mesh header of most privacy curtains. The Disposable Hand Shield™ PAT US 7,989,046 is intended to be replaced after each patient or on a fixed cleaning schedule. It is constructed to allow for quick and easy attachment and removal.

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