Curtain Compliance Program

HAIGuard™’s Curtain Compliance Program™ sets a new standard for soft-surface sanitization. As the only service provider utilizing a multi-stage sanitization method designed specifically for specialty curtains, we apply mechanical, chemical, and steam processing to every curtain during every cleaning. This process is performed while respecting the flame resistant nature of the fabric.

A residual compound is applied with every cleaning before we polywrap the curtain to ensure maximum application and shelf life. Each curtain is barcoded during its first visit to our plant to enhance quality assurance and provide tracking documentation. This service saves the facility time and money while reducing liability.

Better HCAHPS Scores

Improved Facility Aesthetics

Monthly Reporting

No Start-Up Cost


  • This proactive service takes the responsibility and workload off your staff.
  • Patients experience improvements which results in better HCAHPS scores due to increased facility aesthetics.
  • Promotes a safer patient care environment and helps lower the risk of Healthcare-Associated Infections.
  • Enhances the life of the curtain by reducing fading, removing stains, and wrinkles.
  • Our innovative scheduling program allows service to be proactively tracked improving compliance.
  • No start-up costs or investments are required.


  • Spare loaner curtains are provided as part of the maintenance service.
  • Isolation Discharge Curtains are maintained at a discount with our Discharge Curtain Program.
  • Repairs, such as re-meshing can, be preformed during processing.
  • Our compliance reporting system guarantees performance with monthly reports.

Before & After

Standard Reports Include:

  • Service Work Orders detailing completed work.
  • Detailed Inventory Reports with unit schedules.
  • Compliance Reports updated every month.
  • Barcode Scan Report with each processing.

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