Most staff members, as well as patients, will come in contact with the kitchen or food that comes out of it. Food safety and equipment sanitation is absolutely key to reducing infection transmission. Maintaining a clean environment should be first and foremost in the mind of every kitchen manager. HAIGuard™’s disinfection and maintenance solutions can ensure that your equipment not only functions properly, but also provides a clean and safe environment to prepare food for your staff and patients. 

Our Managed Services Are Designed to Achieve 3 Primary Goals:

Deeper Cleaning

Improve the current disinfection program’s efficacy with the extended use of Dry Vapor-Steam, deep cleaning, and a thorough application of EPA-approved disinfectants.

Improved Facility Aesthetics

Improve the aesthetic of your rolling stock equipment and other surfaces by removing stains, foreign items, and reconditioning surfaces where necessary.

Equipment Durability

Improve the mechanical working condition of your durable equipment asset and save up to 50% of its value by extending its life.

HAIGuard™'s Disinfection Goals

Targeted HAI Reduction

Joint Commission Compliance

Extend Lifespan of Equipment by 50%

Safer Environment of Care for Everyone

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Our Managed Services Are Designed to Achieve 3 Primary Goals: