Set the Microbe Count to Zero for Every Patient

Every patient deserves a clean curtain. The Permanent Hand Shield™ is a dedicated touch area sewn on the leading edges of cubicle curtains that can be cleaned after every touch, giving your facility a proactive approach in the defense against HAI’s. The Permanent Hand Shield™ is our recommended and most popular solution in HAI prevention. This allows cubicle curtains to become part of your regular high-touch cleanings. All it takes is a few quick wipes of your current disinfection solution, even up to a 10% bleach solution, to set the microbe count to zero. The Permanent Hand Shield™ can be applied to new custom cubicle curtains or retrofitted to your existing cubicle curtains.

HAI Improvements

Better HCAHPS Scores

Easy Clean

The Permanent Hand Shield™ is a sustainable solution that creates:

  • A permanently integrated handhold area on both ends of a curtain.
  • An opportunity for daily cleaning in as little as 10 seconds using a variety of fabric-safe cleaning solutions including sanitizing sprays and cloths.
  • A surface strong enough to last the lifetime of the curtain, even with routine washing.
  • Inherent antifungal and flame resistant protection.
  • Retrofitted opportunities on existing curtains, as well as integration on any newly constructed curtains.

Patent Number US9144340 & US9661947

Use & Cleaning

General Use

The Permanent Hand Shield™ PAT US9144340 & US9661947 is a patented solution offered exclusively by HAIGuard™. It is intended for use in healthcare environments where routine disinfection of privacy curtains is a challenge. It is not intended to replace the normal cleaning cycle of privacy curtains, but to create an opportunity for a daily sanitization process. The Permanent Hand Shield™ creates a designated handhold area on the leading edges of privacy curtains which can be cleaned with a simple wipe during the daily or scheduled cleaning of a patient room.

Recommended Cleaning

Care should be given as not to damage the fabric on which the Permanent Hand Shield™ PAT US9144340 & US9661947 has been applied. Refer to the fabric manufacturer for any specific care requirements and DO NOT use cleaning agents which may damage the integrity or finish of the fabric. In regards to the Hand Shield™ application only, DO NOT expose to bleach solutions greater than 10% or any other chemicals that interact or damage vinyl or synthetic fabrics. Phenolic disinfectants are recommended.

For a current list of approved cleaning solutions, contact HAIGuard™ directly. For hard to clean spots, use cleaning solutions in combination with a soft bristle brush. Presoak heavy, dried-on stains. Exposure to abrasives, solvents or non-recommended agents may permanently damage or significantly reduce the life of the product.



The Permanent Hand Shield™ PAT US9144340 & US9661947 is a patented application that incorporates specially developed material directly to both leading edges of a privacy curtain to create a safe handhold area. It can be sanitized frequently using current disinfectants including up to a 10% bleach solution. The following describes the material used for the Permanent Hand Shield™ application itself and not the fabric of the curtain in which it is applied to.

The Permanent Hand Shield™ PAT US9144340 & US9661947 is constructed from a vinyl laminate made to withstand excessive abuse. The material is enhanced by a controlled release system which enables the slow release of a specifically formulated antimicrobial to the fabric surface, lasting for the life of the medical fabric. The precise composition of the product is proprietary.

Performance Specifications

The following is not intended to provide any warranty or limitation of use.

Flame Resistance

Passes ASTM D6413 and 16 CFR Part 1632 Class A as a barrier material.

Surface Resistivity

Passes AATCC 76 as Antistatic. This is permanent, not a surface treatment. Prevents build-up and retention of dangerous electrostatic charges.

Biologic Properties

Passes AATCC 147 ISO 22196, which tests the material’s ability to protect itself. Resistant to organisms that degrade, stain or impart odors.

Temperature Rating

Material should not be exposed to temperatures exceeding 120°F during drying and 160°F during wash. Exposure above 250°F requires additional ventilation and/or safety equipment. Melting Point is approximately 370°F. Gas powered dryers have the ability to exceed these limitations even on low settings and are not recommended for use.

Breaking Strength

Grab Test ASTM D5034 Test Results are W 115 lbs / F 105 lbs.

Water Resistance

Surface passes ASTM D751/A at 175 PSI. Material is water resistant and non-breathable. Use caution in areas where choking hazards are a concern.


Available in Fawn. Permanent, non-fading and non-bleeding.

Transportation Class

Class 65.


10 ounces per yard (+/- 10%) Lightweight, high strength.

Maintenance Requirements

Follow separate wash and care instructions.

The Permanent Hand Shield™ PAT US9144340 & US9661947 is patented and licensed exclusively by HAIGuard™.

Disclaimer – The information provided herein is provided in good faith and accurate to the best of our knowledge. Although compiled by competent technical personnel, no guarantee or warranty is herein expressed or implied, as to the completeness or correctness thereof. HAIGuard™ makes no guarantee of results and assumes no obligation or liability whatsoever in connection with the possible use of this product.

Curtain Processing

Curtain Processing Requirements

Curtains with the Permanent Hand Shield™ PAT US9144340 & US9661947 application should be processed according to the wash and care instructions provided by the fabric manufacturer, but not exceed the following limitations; machine wash in temperatures not exceeding 160°F (Degrees Fahrenheit) and tumble dry for 3-5 minutes on SYNTHETIC cycle (120°F) until damp dry and remove immediately. Re-hang curtain at termination of drying cycle. DO NOT EXTRACT OR MANGLE. DO NOT expose to bleach solutions greater than 10% or any other chemicals that interact or damage vinyl or synthetic fabrics. Improper laundering may permanently damage the product, cause wrinkling or significantly reduce the life of the product. Wrinkling may occur, although it will have no adverse effect on fabric properties. Gas powered dryers have the ability to exceed these limitations even on low settings and are not recommended for use on any curtains.

Contact HAIGuard™ directly for any questions regarding use or care.

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