You only get one opportunity to make a first impression. Our exterior cleaning services are designed to dramatically improve your facility as clients enter. Using high temperature and high-pressure steam, our process removes dirt, stains, salt, gum, and more off your entry areas and walkways.

Our service is performed in unoccupied areas at predetermined scheduled times. HAIGuard™ members will always check into their designated location notifying your staff of their arrival before starting their work and they will submit their completed work document for your signature.

Our Managed Services Are Designed to Achieve 3 Primary Goals:

Deeper Cleaning

Improve the current disinfection program’s efficacy with the extended use of Dry Vapor-Steam, deep cleaning, and a thorough application of EPA-approved disinfectants.

Improved Facility Aesthetics

Improve the aesthetic of your rolling stock equipment and other surfaces by removing stains, foreign items, and reconditioning surfaces where necessary.

Equipment Durability

Improve the mechanical working condition of your durable equipment asset and save up to 50% of its value by extending its life.

HAIGuard™’s exterior surface cleaning services include the provision of onsite technicians trained in the use of high-pressure, commercial steam washing systems. These systems produce a dramatic improvement in the first impressions of your facility. Our services are ideal for entryways, loading docks, and storage areas.
The areas, methods, and schedule of our work will be planned in advance with your approval. Unscheduled work may be requested by the customer including day projects and emergency cleaning services. Unscheduled work may result in additional charges as defined in this proposal under pricing and options.
HAIGuard™ customers receive a calendar of planned service visits detailing the work to be performed. Either party may communicate the need to change this schedule up to 48 hours before the intended service visit. All work performed will include documentation at the time of service and the completion of the work performed at your location.
HAIGuard™ can accommodate your needs with work being performed during regular business hours or a time more convenient to you. Our staff generally works in teams dependent on the size of the job, which may require multiple sets of equipment.
HAIGuard™ equipment only uses high-temperature and high-pressure water to clean your exterior surfaces. Our self-contained cleaning system is delivered onsite and only needs access to a water supply for the occasional refill. There are no applied chemicals or byproducts used in the process other than hot water for general cleaning purposes. This avoids any environmental concerns and ensures safety in every aspect. Various methods and tools are used to remove different stains such as gum or other spotting. For larger areas, we use enclosed rotary applicators to provide uniform results and speed up the process. Our rolling system is powered by a self-enclosed generator, which makes some amount of noise typical of any system of this type. We will schedule services during lower traffic and convenient times to expedite the services as quickly as possible. Our service team requires a place to park our equipment and truck as we work.
Our uniformed staff will comply with all customer requirements for identification, training, and security measures. Our staff is assigned to an account on a regular basis thereby learning the layout of the locations and specific needs of that customer. Upon arriving at the facility, we will check in at a designated location and sign into a logbook after notifying the staff of our intended work schedule before starting. Prior to leaving, our completed work will be documented and submitted for signature.
Our service technicians are managed by Service Managers who will spot-check the work being performed at your site on a regular basis. These managers will also be your primary point of contact for requests and information, as you require it including reports. They are reachable at all times for emergency requests as needed. Even your windows are included in our service. In areas with adjacent windows that may receive some indirect water spray, we will provide a quick wash and squeegee of the window area up to 8 feet high. This service is complementary.

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