Asset Maintenance

The Asset Report details your Rolling Stock Inventory of medical durable equipment. The return on investment is realized by the program’s impact on your patients and visitors and is evidenced by HCAHPS scores, HAI incidence, and staff efficiency. Our program execution is controlled through the use of a purpose-built Service Asset Maintenance System called SAM. Its use will create a growing inventory of assets detailing work performed during scheduled and emergency visits. SAM will provide access to both the inventory database and activity which will be measured in various ways allowing the calculation of extended life and other criteria.

Our Managed Services Are Designed to Achieve 3 Primary Goals:

Deeper Cleaning

Improve the current disinfection program’s efficacy with the extended use of Dry Vapor-Steam, deep cleaning, and a thorough application of EPA-approved disinfectants.

Improved Facility Aesthetics

Improve the aesthetic of your rolling stock equipment and other surfaces by removing stains, foreign items, and reconditioning surfaces where necessary.

Equipment Durability

Improve the mechanical working condition of your durable equipment asset and save up to 50% of its value by extending its life.

Included in the Proposal Will Be the Following Details:

Scope of Services

Disinfection Methodology

Standard Operating Procedures

Scheduled Work with Pricing and Options

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