Microfiber Cleaning Systems

The HAIGuard™ Microfiber Cleaning System…

is perfect for all your industrial cleaning needs. Unlike cotton blended, or other synthetic yarns that have basically one cleaning surface per fiber, microfiber’s thousands of cleaning surfaces remove four times more dirt and bacteria than conventional cotton products that basically “push” the dirt and soil on the surface. SteriTeam’s microfiber products can either be purchased or rented from us depending your facility’s needs.  We can even put your microfiber products on its own cleaning program.

HAI Improvements



All of our pads, bonnets, and terry cloths are made from a high-grade, polyester and polyamide blend, that is highly launderable and leaves surfaces dry and streak free.

Microfibers absorb

times their weight in water.


Highly Efficient
Removes 4x more dirt and bacteria in less time than conventional cotton products.

Super Absorbent
200,000 fibers per square inch, can hold 7x their weight in water.

Effective Cleaning
Removes over 99% of all bacteria with only tap water compared to 30% with conventional wet mops.

Effective on wet, dry, porous or non-porous surfaces.

Highly Launderable
Withstands numerous launderings, typically 200 washes.

Lightweight and Ergonomic
Compact, easy-to-use, reduces heavy lifting and awkward positioning.

Resists Cross-Contamination
Virtual elimination of cross-contamination.

Less Bulk
Can be easily stored compared to conventional cotton/blended products.

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