The EZ Glide™ Track solution combines a contemporary look with quiet performance at a fraction of the cost of similar alternatives. All EZ Glide™ Tracks are coated in a white enamel finish to slide effortlessly on our recommended nylon spool carriers for whisper quiet use.
The EZ Glide™ tracks require little to no cleaning or maintenance due to the durable finish and heavy gauge construction. All parts can be cleaned with mild detergents as needed. All EZ Glide™ Track System components are available for direct sale with or without installation.

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  • White baked-enamel aluminum privacy curtain track blends well with various ceiling types.
  • Prelubricated with a smooth Teflon coating, the track is sleek and durable, and allows for easy operation of carriers.
  • Component parts can be configured in almost any layout.
  • All orders are shipped with all components, ready for installation.
  • This system works with shower curtain application, in addition to privacy curtains.
  • The same finish and advantages are available in an IV Track System to match.


  • Works with most commercial carriers. However, we recommend our one piece nylon spool carrier with tangle-free swivel and nickel plated hook.
  • Design guides are available to help choose the best layout.
  • Bends are available in a 2-foot radius in either 45° or 90°.


Curtain Track (Model CC-2012)

  • White Epoxy Coating allows easy and quiet movement of curtains.
  • Extruded Aluminum construction creates lightweight strength
  • 2” radius bends are available in either 90° or 45°
  • Use with all EZ Glide™ components


End Cap (Model CC-1021)

  • White finish
  • All nylon construction
  • Two part design
  • Easy to remove for service

Splice (Model CC-1021)

  • White Epoxy Coating
  • Extruded Aluminum construction
  • Simple installation

Carrier List (Hooks)

Spool Carrier (Model CC-1002)

  • One piece nylon spool
  • Tangle-free swivel
  • Nickel-plated hook
  • Match with CC-1012 Track

Break-Away Carrier (Model CC-1003)

  • All nylon construction
  • Tangle-free swivel
  • Psychiatric and correctional facilities
  • Breakaway pressure: 15 lbs per hook

Matching IV Track Options

IV Carrier (Model CC-1005)

  • Self-lubricating and maintenance-free
  • Glides smoothly around 12″ radius
  • Locks with single 180-degree twist
  • Non-conductive

IV Track (Model CC-1015)

  • Heavy Extruded Aluminum
  • White Enamel Finish
  • 12” Radius Bends
  • Use with Carrier CC-1005



Designed for use with all types of standard privacy curtains including cubicle curtains, drapes and shower curtains.


Heavy duty extruded aluminum track with white baked on enamel finish.

Standard Sizes

Track dimensions are 3/4 inch high by 1 3/8 inch wide and fit most commercial carriers. Custom design configurations are possible using matching splices, bends and end-caps.

Routine Cleaning

Track components can be cleaned with non-corrosive commercial cleaners.


Installation guides are available, as well as professional installation services direct from HAIGuard™.

Mounting Specifications

*For all applications, only track and connectors are supplied. No screws, spacers or other hardware is included.

Measurement Guide

Layout Guide

Common Privacy Curtain Track Configurations

  1. For each track, determine the layout according to a template above or use a custom drawing.
  2. The layouts should be represented from a bird’s-eye view (as opposed to looking up at the ceiling).
  3. Indicate the length for each segment in a clockwise fashion using “A”, “B”, “C”, etc.
  4. Indicate 45° or 90° bends at each necessary location.
  5. Indicate required splices before and after each bend or straight section in excess of 8 feet.
  6. All tracks should have 2 end-caps unless noted otherwise.
  7. Provide a total length of all sections as confirmation.

Installation Guide

  1. Refer to layout drawing for location and determining required components. (track, splices, end-caps, and mounting hardware)
  2. Assemble track for each layout by attaching splice(s) and end-cap assemblies.
  3. Install on ceiling using suitable fastener for the ceiling type. (See Mounting Specifications)
  4. Open end-cap Gate and install the number of carriers needed for the curtain.
  5. Secure end-cap Gate in place to lock in carriers.

How To Measure for Tracks

Height from the track to the floor and a description of the track type (Standard, OTRT, Flex, etc.)

Total length of the perimeter of the track (All sides added together).

Indicate the correct layout from our guide or include a diagram. Also, identify if a layout is reversed.

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